Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chicken Feathers

Chicken Feathers

By Joy Cowley

Illustrated By David Elliot

This story is suitable for ages 11 and up and is a really good book.

In the story chicken feathers there is 5 main characters called Josh, Tucker, grandma, Annalee and Elizabeth. They live on a chicken farm and they have 2000 chickens. Josh’s mum is having a baby in 3 months and she is sick and in hospital and the doctor said that his mum will have to stay in there until she has had the baby. So their Grandma comes and looks after the house and cook all the food for them. Josh has a pet chicken called Semolina who is a old chicken who can talk. But the only person she will talk to is josh and . . . . .

by Cameron

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  1. Hi Cameron, 2000 chickens? Can you imagine 2000 chickens?
    I love the way you ended your makes me want to pick up that book and read it.

    You made "Chicken Feathers" sound like a book I do not want to miss.

    Mrs. Phares