Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hill and hole Review (By Jackson)

Hill hole are best of friends but often think of switching. They soon discover you should always be careful of what you wish for because it might just come true

Hairy Maclarys hat tricks book review

Hairy Maclary wants to play with his skimmer on a very windy day. there is a wedding party down in the park and then hairy maclary wants to show of his incredible retrieving skills

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kiss kiss yuck yuck (review By Jacckson)

Kiss kiss yuck yuck is a story about a little boy whose aunty always kisses him and he hates the slopy kisses who doesn't but his aunty has a accident and changes his heart forever.

Greedy Cat And The School Pet Showand

this story is about a cat that doesnt want to be in the school pet show
but katie still drags himn along. He smells the sausages and off he goes in a flash.steals them and hides were will they find him?...

Greedy Cat and the School Pet Show

Katie and Greedy cat are going to the schools pet show. but greedy cat didn't want to go. Katie put a big green bow round his neck but he still didn't want to go. At the pet show their was sheep, goats, chicks and ducks but Greedy cat still didn't want to goso he chewed on his bow amd walked slowly until greedy cat smelt the sausages and sprinted away and grabed them from the sausage man. at the end off the day greedy cat got a ribbon for being the fattest cat.

By Cameron

The Little Tractor

One day on the edge town their was a little tractor and a guy with sticky up hair. But the boy grew up and the tractor grew old. the tractor sat in a shed until one day in got sold to a guy but the little tractor didn't like it so he stoped so it went back to the sales yard and got sold and sold again until one day the little tractor was very happy because..............

By Cameron

trouble in the super market

trouble in the super market is a story about a witch who likes to create trouble for the people in the supermaket this book is a chapter book and i think it is recommended for children under the age of 13
by taylab

greedy cat

Gready cat and the school pet show is about a cat named greedy cat who does not not want to go to the school pet show but greedy cat tries to do wat ever takes not to go to the pet show how will this story end. BY rhys

down the back of the chair

down the back of the chair is a wounderful story about a poor dad who loses his key but when toddler mary suspects thier down the back of the chair thier lives will change forever i think that this book is recommended for all children under the age of 11
by tayla b

the little tractor

The little tractor book is about a little who wonce lived in a little house just out of the town then he was sold to a car sales yard then some peoplepeople bought it and then brought it back what will happen next.By RHYS

Monday, July 11, 2011

Zachary Quack Mini Monster by Lynley Dodd book review

Zachary Quack is making a mess and he gets more than he bargins for, While chasing a dragon fly once the dragon fly has had enough Zachary Quack is running for his life. If you are adventurous and wild this book is for you. I recommend this book for toddlers.