Thursday, May 19, 2011

Piano Rock by Gavin Bishop

Ever heard of Gavin Bishop….? If not I would highly recommend the story Piano Rock as your first choice!!!!!!!! This story is about Gavin’s idyllic 1950’s childhood living beside the beautiful Lake Wakatipu. Catching trains, going to school on a horse and even eating mutton every day! Many book reviewers have praised the magnificent illustrations that go along with this book. The also love how he has used two different techniques using black and white but also throwing in some colour aswell. In my opinion the illustrations bring the story to life. I f you want to buy this book it usually sell for about $26.99 so get into any of your good bookseller and get yourself a copy!!!!!!!!  By Alysha

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  1. I'm thinking I'll have to look out for this book, as it is not one I've seen yet. I have enjoyed other books by Gavin Bishop. He's certainly a great illustrator.