Monday, June 20, 2011

Recycled- By Sandy McKay

Colin comes from a family of people who can't even recycle a peanut-butter container. How can a developing eco-warrior live like this? He can't! So he sets up recycling bins and after a lot of work his family finally start trying.

When his class go on a school trip to the local recycling centre he meets Paddy, the owner of the plant. Soon Colin starts working there in the weekends, for Paddy. When the Council threaten to close the recycling plant down Colin and his class soon begin helping, by setting up a protest on the day that Paddy is evicted.

What will happen to the towns only Recycling centre ?

This is a good book for Children between the ages of 10-12.

There is also a sequel to this book called 'Colin Goes Bush'.

By Sinead

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